Euro Asiatic Advantages

Child-Friendly Ambience

  • Located in peaceful, upmarket locations, our Schools provide an environment wherein children are safe and are nurtured, loved and encouraged to learn.

Well Researched Curriculum

  • We have designed a development appropriate curriculum keeping in mind the needs of today's children.
  • Based on the Play-Way methodology, it comprises a wide array of engaging activities that encourages children to become active learners.

Unique Delivery Method

  • Like our curriculum, our teaching methodology has also been devised to suit the age group.
  • Over the years, we have perfected the art of first drawing the child's attention and then keeping his mind engaged and make the learning process interesting and absorbing.

Qualified And Intensively Trained Staff

  • A lot of attention is paid to the quality of staff employed at Euro Asiatic.
  • Every Teacher at Euro Asiatic is qualified and trained to impart education in a friendly and innovative manner.

Encouraging Parent's Participation

  • We have a unique Family Partnership Program whereby the child's family members partner him in the learning process.
  • We send periodic feedback to keep the parents informed about the child's performance in the School.

Easy Transferability To Other Euro Asiatic School Centre And School Partners

  • For those parents whose occupations involve frequent transfers within the country, we offer a very easy and flexible transfer facility to ensure that the child's education is not hampered in the process.
  • Moving itself is such a hassle that getting your child admitted should not be weighing on your mind.
  • Euro Asiatic with its vast school partners network, is the only Pre-School which can offer this facility across the country.