We provide The Right Reasons To Start A School

  • Bring about a positive difference in society.
  • Enable Individual transformation.
  • Receive a high level of satisfaction through the service of children.
  • Earn respect, appreciation and gratitude.
  • Have a warm and caring environment to work in.
  • Meet the ever increasing demand for schools of quality.
  • Learn about education, the most complex issue of our times.
  • Let income be a by-product of your outstanding work with the children.

We Expect


To start a new franchisee centre of EURO ASIATIC SCHOOL you will require
  • A minimum of 2000sq. feet built up area with outdoor of about similar or more area for Pre school and a custom-built school on 10000+ sq ft plot of land including playground for Primary School.
  • Ground floor/first floor premises; preference will be given to independent houses
  • Good frontage
  • Reasonable rental rates
  • Lease arrangement for the tenure of the agreement
  • To be situated in a residential area and not on a busy traffic road


We are looking for committed partners who will help us carry forward our ambition of making learning a fun experience for kids. You must have
  • A college degree
  • A keen interest in education services
  • A love for working with young kids
  • Reasonable financial resources

If you possess the above you too can be part of this rewarding experience by becoming a EURO ASIATIC franchisee. We bet you’ll have as much fun earning, as kids will have learning.