Our Ethos

Give your child the privilege of being a "Wonder Child", because at Euro Asiatic School we provide the following 7 wonderful advantages:

Child Specific Learning Platforms

Each child is unique and has a different way of learning; In fact, seven different learning methods have already been identified. In Euro Asiatic School - your child is exposed to all avenues of learning - be it musical, visual, kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, intra-personal or interpersonal. Your child discovers his/her own learning style and learning abilities. The pedagogy focuses on all areas of child development, including physical, emotional & social.

Knowledge Centric Curriculum

Real knowledge and not information overload is our philosophy. The curriculum and prescribed books focus on topics relevant to the age group of children and provide age appropriate knowledge and not irrelevant information overload.

Qualified and Empathic Teachers

Young children need kind, understanding teachers. A teacher is one person who impacts your child's childhood in a major way. Here, your child finds patient and sensitive teachers. Your children are encouraged to ask questions and not snubbed for being curious.

Flexible Discipline

It is naive to expect young children to always follow instructions. Discipline cannot be enforced through strict rules or severe punishments, but as a gradual habit. Our motto is "Spare the rod and hug the child". Affirmative reinforcement instead of severe punishment helps in inculcating discipline here.

Continuous, Realistic Assessment

The assessment pattern here is different from that of other schools. The assessment pattern is ongoing and based on a teacher's observation of the child throughout the year. A teacher who knows of unique learning styles and the pace at which a child learns can give proper feedback on how your child has improved over a period of time. A non-competitive assessment, which concentrates on academics as well as emotional, physical & social skills is followed.


A clean, bright and spacious environment with modern audio-visual technology aided classrooms, adequate teaching aids, play material and equipment makes learning easier. All these facilities are provided at school.


Safety is paramount when it comes to your child. We are dealing with your life's most important assets, and rest assured we take utmost care in our safety measures.