The bedrock of learning at Euro Asiatic School has been to make the child fall in love with education, the parent fraternity acknowledges that the solid foundation laid for their little ones at Euro Asiatic School is largely responsible for the confident and holistically groomed children who are doing wonders today not only in their academic careers but also know how to deal with life at large. They gain skills that ultimately help them in reading, writing, building math and science skills, and in becoming successful students. Our Euro Asiatians also learn “school readiness” skills, which help them understand the routines of school, how to work in groups, and how to be a successful student later in formal schools.

One of the important functions of Euro Asiatic preschool programs is to help children acquire behavioural skills, such as the ability to express thoughts, adapt behaviors to situational demands, control impulsivity, show curiosity, remain concentrated and be socially competent. It is in these formative years that basic attitude and character of the child is formed.

“The child learns the best when there is no pressure on him,” This is the golden rule we follow. The numerous events and festivals in which every child participates, leads to their all round development and stage exposure makes them more confident. Picnics and excursions, and a plethora of projects, and innovative learning help the child in acquiring knowledge of the world around him/her. Though it may seem like it, Euro Asiatic Preschool is not all fun and games. In fact, our preschoolers learn through the fun and games. Research has shown that the development of early literacy and math skills in preschool is associated with future school achievement in both mathematics and literacy. Our students are very enthusiastic about exploring the math and science concepts. In addition, as the kids move through their classrooms and manipulate toys, puzzles and shapes, they develop important cognitive skills.

We have been successfully operating the Euro Asiatic Pre-School chain from the year 2009. The Euro Asiatic School has been working under the aegis of Wonder Schools Pvt. Limited. It is a leading School Management Company, that comprises of other ventures, such as Bhaskar Vidyapith that works in the field of higher education and professional courses, Wonder Bees after school programs for young children and Euro Hope Foundation that runs special education and social awareness campaigns for under privileged children. The group is managed by a team of accomplished Professionals, Academicians and Child Psychologists. We have branches across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. We are progressing towards expansion of our Euro Asiatic School network through out India with our channel partners and franchisees network. We are also coming up with CBSE affiliated formal schools at some of the prominent locations in Rajasthan that will enable our students to have a longer association wih us. We are not resting our oars and we believe pursuit for excellence is a continuous journey. Let’s work with parents as partners in our endeavour to give our children “roots” seeped in Indian culture and “wings” to be Global citizens.

We wish our students a wonderful start for a great future ahead!!